Fatal Shooting in Denver Amid Dueling Protests, Police Say

One person was fatally shot in Denver on Saturday against the backdrop of dueling protests, the police said.

Officials would not say whether the shooting was connected to the protests, in which activists with far-right and far-left views organized opposing rallies in Civic Center Park on Saturday.

The police declined to comment further, saying that an investigation was continuing.

The shooting happened near the courtyard of the Denver Art Museum, the Denver Police Department said on Twitter.

A video shows a single shot being fired, a plume of smoke and several police officers rushing to the scene, shouting, “Drop the gun!” A man can be seen lying face down on the sidewalk as officers surround him.

The protests were organized by groups called Denver Communists, which was planning a Black Lives Matter-antifa soup drive at 1:30 p.m., and Patriot Muster, a far-right group that held a rally at 2 p.m., CBS 4 reported.

After violence broke out at another event involving opposing groups this summer, businesses near where the protests were being held were warned about the potential for violence this weekend.


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